A Sojourn In Thailand Or Bali For Honeymoon ? We’ll Help You Decide

The orient solitaires, Bali and Thailand are two of world’s most romantic havens. For couples getting hitched, deciding between Thailand and Bali for honeymoon can be difficult. Both destinations are equally enchanting, have exotic beaches, state-of-art accommodation, and a wide range of romantic things to do.

Let’s try to figure out which is better Thailand or Bali for honeymoon by comparing them on aspects like – expenses, activities, food, getting around, and everything else that’ll help you make the final call.

Thailand Or Bali For Honeymoon – Comparison 

Here’s a list of all the things that’ll help you decide what’s best for you, Thailand or Bali for honeymoon Scroll through, take a look, and take your pick.

1. Activities

Romantic Things To Do In Thailand

Even though Thailand and Bali are both island destinations, there is still in the difference of the kind of experiences and activities you will have at both these places. There is no dearth of things to do in Thailand. Whether you want to try nerve-wrecking adventure like deep water soloing or soul-soothing activities like a rejuvenating Thai massage, you have dozens of options to choose from.

Things to do in Thailand for couples: Thai massage, Mae Taeng River rafting, deep water soloing in Railay, skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba, and mountain biking.

Romantic Things To Do In Bali

Just like Thailand, there are several things to do in Bali. For thrill-seekers, activities like free diving (diving by holding breath) and paddle surfing are perfect. Leisure-loving couples have cruise tours, shopping in Bali, and rice terrace field visits to soothe their souls.

Things to do in Bali for couples: Mount Batur trek, paddle surfing, paragliding, flyboarding at Nusa Dua, free diving, kite surfing, water tubing, and cruising

2. Attractions

There is no dearth of places to visit in Thailand or Bali for honeymoon. Both of them are blessed with bounty of nature and picturesque beaches. Here is what you can expect.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Thailand For Couples

From the skyscrapers of Bangkok to lush jungles of Chiang Mai to white sand beaches of Koh Samui, there are a number of beautiful places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon couples. Main attractions include The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Khao Yai National Park, and Phi Phi Islands. Besides the ones mentioned, there are many ornate Buddhist temples, lovely tourist spots, islands, and beaches.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Bali For Couples

Bali’s main attractions are its architecture, beaches, and terrace rice fields. But Bali is much more than that; there are places to visit in Bali for honeymoon for tourists with different interests. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts can visit the Monkey Forest, luxury seekers can head out to Seminyak for shopping, and those who love adventure and scenic views are recommended to do the Mount Batur Trek.

Whether you pick Thailand or Bali for honeymoon, both have equally beautiful attractions. You’ll never be out of options!