Turkey In November 2016: Take A Quick Rundown At This Guide For An Enthralling Vacation!

Appraised for its balloon-filled skies, intricate architecture, and bustling lanes, Turkey is a rich historical land offers one of the best cuisines in the world. Along with this, this country is the Middle East is famous for its magical landscapes, golden beaches, wavy valleys, and chimney looking rock formations. Although Turkey is a year-round destination but visiting in November is the best way to witness the real beauty of the country. We have tailor-made a guide for you if you are planning a vacation to Turkey in November. So, take a quick rundown of the top tourist attractions, activities, and hotels to stay in Turkey. This will help you organize your trip better.

Weather In Turkey In November

The temperature in November is relatively cooler than in the month before and thus is one of the best times to explore Turkey. The range of temperature during this month is between 11 and 21 degrees Celsius. You can expect a mix of cloudy and sunny days with a chance of drizzling in this month. Thus, the weather in Turkey in November is ideal for both sightseeing and activities.

3 Best Places To Visit In Turkey In November

From a list of all the places to visit in Turkey, we have selected the top 3 tourist attractions that one must visit on their holiday. Take a look at them and make sure you visit these spots.

1. Cappadocia

Cappadocia, a region that is a result of volcanic eruption, comes on the top list of places to visit in Turkey in November. Settled in the heart of Turkey, the skies of Cappadocia is always dotted with air balloons. Moreover, you will witness some amazing views of fairy chimneys and unique rock formations that you have never seen before.

2. The City Of Ephesus

Situated in Selcuk, the ancient city of Ephesus was an active commercial center. This place now comes in the list of top places to explore in Turkey. You will ruins in most parts of this region but there are some tourist spots that you can visit like the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Explore the ruins to take a deeper look into their history.

Location: Atatürk, Uğur Mumcu Sevgi Yolu, 35920 Selçuk/İzmir, Turkey

3. Akdamar Island

Another top attractions of Turkey is the Akdamar Island that is nestled in the Salty Lake Van. There are many places to visit on this island like Armenian Monastery, Holy Cross, and Akdamar Church that are still considered as ruins but their glory has not been tarnished. Amongst these, Akdamar Church has now been converted into a museum. You can admire the carvings of Biblical scenes in this church.

Location: lake Van, eastern Turkey

Tips For Travelers To Turkey In November

Here are some essential tips that one must keep in mind while going to Turkey:

  • Although it is safe to drink tap water in Turkey, it is still advisable to consume bottled mineral water to avoid stomach upset.
  • Do try Turkish food as a trip to any new place is incomplete without savouring the local delicacies.
  • Turkey is a progressive country that is safe for everyone to explore, even for women.
  • Keep enough cash with you to avoid any problems on your trip and convert your currency to Turkish Lira, the official currency in Turkey.
  • Learn some general Turkish words as they will help you get by easily in the country.
  • If you are wondering what to wear in Turkey in November, then you should bring a warm jacket and a sweater. Be prepared for the winter-like conditions in this month.