Couple’s Trip To Bali: 5 Magnificent Experiences To Have On The Island

Bali has become a lovenest for honeymooners and couples where they can not only relax by the beach but also have some amazing experiences on their holiday. With bewitching landscapes, thrilling watersports, and lively shopping streets, now wonder it has become every couple’s first choice. Here is Manoj and his wife’s experience in Bali.

Whenever someone thinks of an island getaway, the first place that comes to mind is Bali. The ‘Island of God’ is such a beautiful place that it deserves all the hype. Bali is a kind of place that offers beaches, temples, water sports, wildlife safari and lots of shopping options. Who wouldn’t like to pick an all-in-one destination such as Bali?

Details of Couple Trip To Bali

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Trip Duration: 7D/6N
Bali Trip Cost for couple: INR 60,000
Inclusions: Airfare, Airport Transfer, Accommodation,Sightseeing, Breakfast,
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary of Bali Trip For Couple

Day 1: Welcome to Bali
Day 2: Pandawa Beach & Kecak Dance at Uluwatu
Day 3: Mount Batur Lake

Weather In Bali In July

We visited during the dry days i.e. in the month of July, which is the best time to visit Bali. We were glad that the weather didn’t play a spoilsport on our trip. The average low temperature was 22 degrees Celsius. During the day, it went as high as 31 degrees Celsius.

Best Experiences On Our Couple Trip To Bali

Here are the experience we had on our couple’s trip to Bali and we think are the best places to visit in bali for honeymoon couples.

1. Bali Night Safari

Bali Night Safari was the highlight of our couple trip to Bali. Meandering through the jungle in the night and watching wild animals in their natural habitat was absolutely thrilling. Bali Wildlife and Marine Park had all kinds of animals from different continents. It was amazing to see them at night from close.

2. Pandawa Beach

Visiting Pandawa Beach was an astounding experience. The fact that it was less crowded than the other famous beaches in Bali made it a wonderful experience for us. The blue and green waters of the sea seemed so soothing to the eyes and water at the beach was clean too.

3. Uluwatu & Kecak Dance

We were delighted to see the traditional dance performance – Kecak Dance, at Uluwatu Temple. The dance narrated the tale of Gods in Bali. It was fun to watch. One should definitely add this experience to their list when visiting Bali for a vacation.

4. Tanah Lot Temple

What new can I say about the famous temple – Tanah Lot Temple? Located by the sea, the temple is located in a majestic scenery. Our minds were blown. No wonder it is an iconic attraction in Bali.

Bali Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips that you should keep in mind to make your experience in Bali worthwhile.

  • Don’t restrict to the beaches. Head to the mountains and other places in Bali.
  • Plan your vacation in the months from May to August as the weather is amazing
  • Cover yourself when visiting temples.
  • Carry a daypack with you at all times to keep all the essentials in it.
  • Take enough along as there are chances of scams at the ATMs in Bali.

Do’s & Don’ts In Bali

Here are a few Bali travel tips that we would like to pass on to the fellow travelers going on a trip to Bali for couples.


  • Ask for the hotel which provides Indian food or choose a hotel which has Indian restaurants nearby if you do not like experimenting with the cuisines.
  • Carry high denomination USD currency from here and exchange it in Bali, not at the airport though.
  • Dedicate enough time to one spot and enjoy the trip.
  • Include watersports in your package from Travel Triangle and try to get the best deal. Once you reach the watersports arena, the vendors there try to cheat you by asking you to upgrade or add activities making you pay extra which is not needed at all.


  • Avoid Seawalk in your water sports package. It is not so great in Bali.